Bid and Vote on ENnies Dream Dates

Once again, the ENnies (the biggest tabletop RPG awards around) will have a cocktail hour and award ceremony at Gen Con this August. As part of that, they’ve asked a number of industry folks to help raise money by auctioning off an arrangement to hang out with them during the big ballyhoo. The list this year includes Paizo, White Wolf, the 2011 ENnies JudgesEd Healy/Rone Barton (Atomic Array)Erik Bauer (Gaming Paper)Evil Hat ProductionsHero GamesMonte CookOwen K.C. StephensSean Fannon (DTRPG)Stan!, and me—even though I’m only able to commit to the cocktail hour due to conflicting plans later in the evening.

The auctions for Paizo and White Wolf are already up on eBay. For the rest of us, the ENnies are running a poll to see whose time should be put up for bid next. Go check it out and vote for me or whoever else you’d like to see on the block next. We’ll all get there sooner or later, have some fun, and raise some money to help keep the ENnies running.

[Edited to add:] I don’t recall if I ever publicly thanked Ben McFarland for his winning bid last year. We had a great chat at the ENnies about his burgeoning work as an RPG writer (check out Streets of Zobeck, for instance), but that was just part of a series of talks throughout the weekend, starting at the Diana Jones Award ceremony. Thanks, Ben!