Angry Robot Remix Winners Announced

Earlier today, Angry Robot announced the winners of the contest we ran to remix the “Angry Robot” song I co-wrote with John Anealio. John, Marc Gascoigne, and I listened to and ranked the songs and picked three winners.

David De La Hoya took third place with his mix, Denis Cherryman took second, and Dale Chase — who blew us away with his overlaid rap — took first. As their prize, I’ll include fictional versions of each of them in Carpathia, the next novel I’m writing for Angry Robot to publish — and then I’ll kill them. (The fictional versions, of course.) To thank all the talented people who took the time to submit a mix, I’m going to include everyone of their names in the book too.

John’s busy putting together an album collecting the various remixes, but in the meantime, you can listen to the winners on the Angry Robot site. They’re fantastic.