The Star Wars vs. Star Trek Contest

Today, in honor of Star Wars Day, I’m going to give away an autographed copy of Star Wars vs. Star Trek to one lucky reader. The contest is simple. All you have to do is give me what you think would be a fantastic match-up between things from the two universes.

For instance, you could make it Han Solo vs. James T. Kirk. Or the Death Star vs. the Borg Cube. Or Jar Jar Binks vs. Wesley Crusher. Make it as silly or as awesome as you like. Just have fun with it and go.

At the end of the day, I’ll select a winner at random. I’ll chose that person from responses here, on my Facebook profile, and on Twitter. (On Twitter, use the #SWvsST hashtag so I can find it.) I’ll also collect the best ones and post them here too.

The book, by the way, is slated to hit shelves on May 18. However, I have my author’s copies already, and I’ll be sharing one of those.

Good luck!

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  1. Ewoks v. Tribbles, may the cutesy win! (and I’m going to enter again at your Twitter feed ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  2. Winning combo: Imperial Interdictor + Super-class Star Destroyer vs any TNG-era starships: Empire wins. Why? Ion cannons + scary amount of turbolaser battery fire.

    1. Meh. Star Trek actually has shields that work. Star Wars’ deflectors appear to work about as well as Stormtrooper “Armor.”

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  4. Phaser vs Blaster: In most cases Phaser wins hands down with the many stun settings, area effect stun (would even catch a jedi many times as there is nothing to deflect.), the kill settings ( the basic blaster settings) and of course vaporize setting that just gets rid of anything your using for cover and you.Tthe Phaser is the best over all weapon. Add in that Trek Federation personel can hit a target and Stormtroopers can not and it is a Star Trek win!

  5. Chewbacca versus five Klingons. Simply cause I think Chewbacca could take all five.

  6. My gosh, so many to think of…

    How about C3PO vs. The Doctor (Voyager’s EMH) – whoever can shut up the other wins!

    (Your book sounds fantastic, by the way!)

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  7. I’d be interested in seeing a match-up between the Captain’s Yacht of the Enterprise-E and an X-Wing. Data piloted the yacht masterfully, and I’m not sure even Incom’s finest would be a decent match for what is essentially a recreational vehicle.

    1. Oops, someone beat me to that one.

      Okay, battle of the robots then: Data vs. C3PO!
      (Hey, it’s actually less one-sided than the last one; at least C3PO can actually move under his own power.)

  8. Lando and two of his Bespin guards vs Spock


    Porthos vs a pack of Tibbles.

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  10. Sorry I missed the contest, but I would loved to see Jabba v Wesley Crusher, as Jabba would just feed him to the Rancor, and we would never need to see him again.

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