Conduit 2 Out Today

Today marks the release of the latest video game I worked on: Conduit 2 for the Wii. I could say “my” computer game, but it’s not the same as it is with books or even tabletop games. Teams of scores or even hundreds of professionals work on major video games at once, which means they’re never the property of a single person. They’re a true team effort.

In this case, that’s especially true. I came in and wrote the story for Conduit 2 back before The Conduit had even shipped. The folks at High Voltage Software knew they had something good on their hands with the original, and they wanted to be prepared in case they had the opportunity to tackle a sequel. They have a fantastic staff down there in Hoffman Estates, just outside of Chicago, and they’re always a true pleasure to work with.

When it game time to actually write the script for the game, the High Voltage team turned to my pal Jason L. Blair for those duties. I’m eager to finally play the finished game myself and see what Jason did to transform the story I wrote into a full-fledged game. I’m sure it’s going to rock.