Hite on Vegas Knights

At OddCon last weekend, I gave my pal Ken Hite a copy of Vegas Knights. After all, he’s thanked in the acknowledgements as one of my regular compadres in my many wild trips to Vegas, and few people outside the city know it as well as he does. He earned a copy of the book in the best way.

Of course, one of Ken’s favorite books is the excellent Last Call by Tim Powers, a World Fantasy Award-winning book about magic in Vegas, published back in 1992, long before urban fantasy became a subgenre of its own. Couple that with Ken’s well-known status as an erudite and eloquent critic, and I wasn’t sure how he would react to my novel. I figured that if he didn’t like it, he’d at least keep his mouth shut for the sake of our friendship.

Ken just Tweeted a blurb for the book that I wish I could splash across the cover. In its whole, it reads:

Finished VEGAS KNIGHTS by @mforbeck. Master of pacing and plot; style is humane Spillane: clear as a windshield, punchy as an ogre’s fist.

That made my day.