Fantasy Literature on Vegas Knights

Over at, Stefan Raets gives Vegas Knights a solid review. While the book went off the rails for him later in the story, he raves about the better part of it, saying such kind things as:

Vegas Knights is a fun, entertaining urban fantasy novel that starts off with a bang and rarely slows down. A large part of the first half of Vegas Knights is one long and excellent action scene that’s genuinely exciting and impossible to put down… The pacing is so hectic that it occasionally feels as if this could have been turned into a much longer novel, but on the plus side, this also means there’s not a dull moment to be found. (And how rare is it nowadays to find a fantasy novel that could have used more padding?)

One of the biggest challenges of writing a novel is devising an ending that fits well, and I’ll admit that’s the time I often feel like I’m skittering along the edge of a mountain road, riding on the guard rail on two wheels. That’s where the thrills are after all. I don’t mind being called on it if it’s not working for a reader, as it’s often a matter of taste, but I’m glad that Stefan enjoyed the book as much as he did. He wraps up saying:

[I]f you don’t take it too seriously, you’ll have a blast with this novel. Vegas Knights is far from perfect… but it’s hard to imagine a more appropriate book to bring along and read by the pool if you’re planning a Vegas trip.