More Praise for Vegas Knights

Over at Spoiler Alert!, Voxael has a mixed reaction over Vegas Knights, but in the end he gives it a strong thumbs up.

It may not have rocketed straight into place as My Favouritest Book Ever! but there’s more than enough here for me to say quite truthfully that I enjoyed the ride — strong, easily distinguishable characters, pop-culture references liberally scattered all over the place, a genuinely intriguing twist on the standard Urban Fantasy set-up and most of all, a writer who wasn’t afraid to write a fantasy story where every obstacle wasn’t surmounted with the equivalent of hurling fireballs at it.

Also, Gareth Wilson at Falcata Times posted his review of Vegas Knights on his blog, even though he’d already posted it at Gareth’s one of those savvy reviewers who goes out of his way to cross-post his reviews in multiple places. That helps the reviews — and the books they cover, of course — get more exposure. After all, if you’re already on, you’re more likely to read the reviews there than run over to a different site to see what people have to say about a particular book. If the review appears in both places, more people can read it more conveniently, and that’s better for us all. Thanks, Gareth!