More Vegas Knight Reviews

Vegas Knights hits the UK as a paperback tomorrow and should be available worldwide as an ebook too. (See the list of major sales outlets for one near you, and please place a pre-order if you can!) Lots of reviewers have already gotten their hands on the book and loved it (as the list of praise shows). Three more cropped up over the past few days.

Over at, Ant gives the book FIVE STARS! He name checks Genestealer, a Space Hulk supplement I worked on for Games Workshop waaay back in 1990, then says many kind things about me and my work, including:

The quality of the writing is quite exceptional with such an easy reading, friendly yet clever style that immediately puts you at ease and grabs your attention in a vice-like grip from the very first chapters… It’s fantastic entertainment, and I loved every minute of it. Viva Las Vegas (Knights)!

At Magpie Diaries, Magpie likes Vegas Knights a lot too. She says:

Vegas Knights is a fast-paced, good-humoured caper of a book… Packed with all the excitement, violence and glamour you’d expect of old-school Vegas — including a nail-biting chase through the halls and walls of a casino — Forbeck delivers a novel that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat… [I] would say it’s more Tim Powers’ Last Call meets 21than Harry Potter meets Ocean’s Eleven… but the novel is not haunted by its predecessors. It has its own voice, and Forbeck puts his own stamp on the narrative.

Gareth Wilson of Falcata Times gives a short, happy review on (which might presage a longer one on his site). It appears right next to a copy of the five-star review Tony Lane gave elsewhere earlier. Gareth writes:

[T]his has to be one of my favourite titles by this author. Not only is the plot cleverly woven but the characters rely on smarts rather than outright power which makes a serious change for the genre… Some seriously devious work has gone on underneath, and I’m starting to wonder which devil Matt did a deal with to be so creative.

You can read the opening five chapters of Vegas Knights for free right here. I hope you enjoy them as much as these fine people liked the rest of the book.