Danforth on eBay

My son Marty has been selling off bits and pieces of my game collection over the past year or so on eBay. He’s done a decent job of it, made a bit of money, and learned something about how such things work at the same time, so I count that as a solid win. Just this week, he took on his second client: Liz Danforth.

Liz is a wonderful artist, writer, and even a librarian, and I’ve been proud to count her as a friend for many years. She’s probably most famous for her artwork on various Magic: The Gathering cards, but I always remember best the beautiful line drawings she created for the Middle-earth Roleplaying game back in the days I worked on it in the early ’90s.

As with my stuff, Marty’s going to put up Liz’s old treasures a few at a time, as she ships them out to us. There are some real gems in the first box that showed up on our doorstep the other day, including some old Talislanta, Torg, and Ars Magica books, plus the old Espionage boxed set from Hero Games. Look for those and more on my eBay page soon.