The Angry Robot Song

Today, John Anealio released “Angry Robot,” a song I helped him write. You can find it available for free on his website as a single or as part of his brand-new The Robot E.P., which includes “Angry Robot” and covers of “Mr. Roboto” and “The Transformers Theme.”

I met John at the World Fantasy Convention last October, and we hit it off. Our virtual paths crossed again when he wrote the original “Angry Robot” chorus as the theme song for Angry Robot, which publishes my novels Amortals and Vegas Knights. The omnipresent and awesome Mur Lafferty uses it as the lead-in for the official Angry Robot podcasts she hosts.

John wanted to turn the chorus/jingle/intro into a full song, and he asked me if I’d be interested in helping him write the lyrics. I didn’t just jump, I rocketed at the chance. Who wouldn’t love to have a talented musician like John set your words to music?

The chorus was already perfect, so I wrote a first draft of the verses. We went back and forth with it a few times, polishing it to a high gloss, and then John strode off to set it all to the perfect tune.

Give it a listen! It’s free to stream or download, contains no DRM, and both John and I hope you enjoy it.