Lester Smith Reviews Amortals

My Alliterates pal, world-famous game designer Lester Smith, went out and paid his own hard-earned money to pick up a copy of Amortals and then did me another solid by taking the time to write up a review of it. Although he’s bound to be biased, Lester loved the book and is more than eloquent enough to say why.

It spins into a veritable tourbillion of a plot that delivers wilder and wilder revelations, as security and freedom (aka law and chaos) do battle, with the main character unwittingly poised at their center. This is a plot that will remain with me, among my favorites.

(Thanks, Les!) Go read the rest of it, and check out the rest of Les’s site while you’re at it.

Amortals is already on the shelves of better bookstores and available as an ebook worldwide.