More Amortals Raves

Over at Amazon UK, their Amazon Vine program has produced another two excellent reviews for Amortals. Dinky writes:

This is a blast of fresh air… This book not only throws together all the elements of a good modern thriller — shoot-outs, chases, explosions, gadgets, intrigues, a sparky agent of the opposite sex, politics, hints of exotic foreign travel (as in Mars, this being sci-fi after all) — it is also written deftly… You can enjoy this as a straightforward thriller set in a theoretical, not-so-shiny future with technologically advanced guns and transport. Or you can stop every so often, just as I did, to think: yeah, what if? … Read this, please.

Samuel Taylor writes:

Amortals is a slice of light science fiction that wraps complex ideas around an action packed thriller. The book has as many explosions, chases, and gun fights as it does science fiction concepts… It has as much in common with the likes of Lee Child as it does Iain M. Banks.

That’s fine company to be in any day.