More Amortals Reviews

A pair of kind Amortals reviews cropped up recently. Over at, Michael M. Jones says many great things, including:

The end result is a much deeper, more complex story than I was expecting, with a thought-provoking ending. What you get, thusly, is an action-filled, tense piece with plenty of cinematic moments and a heck of a payoff. Some of the story beats are reminiscent of Philip K. Dick… [A]ll I can say is that it’s a pretty intense read all on its own. Amortals is an SF action-thriller that satisfies on all levels.

On, David Burton received a copy of Amortals through the Amazon Vine reviews program. He gives the book five stars and a short review that caps off with:

One of the more impressive sci-fi books I’ve read, and one that reminded me of the better work by William Gibson.

As a huge fan of the books of both Dick and Gibson, I’m thrilled to see such comparisons made. Thanks!