Another Vegas Knights Review

Over the weekend, Matthew Caine Gill posted a glowing, five-star review of Vegas Knights over at Living Social. (Cunning as he is, he received an advanced reader copy, courtesy of the Robot Army.) About the book, he writes:

Matt Forbeck delivers an electrifying roller coaster ride, filled with Magic, Poker, and so much more… This book was just a blast to read, I can’t even begin to do it justice… So if you see it on a shelf soon, buy it.

Vegas Knights hits stores in the UK and e-readers worldwide on March 3. Print copies arrive in the US on March 29.

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  1. I truly couldn’t do it justice, I wanted terribly to give an even better review but in good conscience bring myself to spoil anything. I must concede however it was equivalent exchange, Vegas Knights gave me such an undeniable joy to read that I had to try and spread the effect. Kudos on an job well done. This is going to be a smash hit if I’m any judge, The whole time I read it I couldn’t help but picture as a movie, in truth I kept seeing Gaviota I could just picture Nick Chinlund. I expect more rave reviews after it’s release, I was just lucky to have managed a meager one ahead of the curve.

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      [Just rescued your comment from my blog’s spam filter, Matthew. Sorry about the delay.]

      Chinlund would be a good choice for Gaviota. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Vegas Knights movie at all. Here’s hoping lots of other people agree with you about the book. Thanks again for the review!

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