Project 16:49 in the News

Tonight, look for an interview with my wife Ann on Channel 15 News out of Madison, Wisconsin. They came out to our house this afternoon to ask her about Project 16:49 and the benefit concert being held for it this weekend. Ann and Ruben Burgos (the director of Sixteen Forty-Nine) also appeared on WCLO AM radio this morning, and you can listen to a recording of the show online.

The TV interview took place in my office while I chatted in the kitchen with the three homeless teens who are the subject of Ruben’s documentary. If/once that shows up online, I’ll post a link to it. That way you can learn more about Ann’s work and see where I work at the same time. If you get Madison TV stations, though, be sure to tune in tonight. And if you’re around this weekend, be sure to join us at the benefit for some great music and food for an excellent cause.

Update: Turns out the full TV piece will air in mid-February, near to the time that Sixteen Forty-Nine will appear at the Beloit International Film Festival. There may still be a mention of the benefit concert tonight.