Conduit 2 Coming in March

The latest computer game I worked on — Conduit 2, a first-person shoot exclusively for the Wii — is due to hit stores March 22. The team at High Voltage called me in to help them out with this just before the original game in the series — The Conduit — hit shelves. They had a lot of wonderful ideas for sequels to the game and had laid the groundwork for them in The Conduit, but they needed someone to mold what they had into a cohesive story they could build the next game around. That’s where I came in.

It’s also where I left. Once I’d finished that work, one of High Voltage’s crack development teams took over and got cooking on the project. They created the levels, graphics, gameplay, and so on to breathe life into the story and turn it from an intriguing tale into full-on fun.

When they got to the point that they needed a writer again, I was already working with them on another (still unannounced) project, so they went hunting for someone else who could write the dialog and help polish the game to a fire-bathed finish. For that they landed my pal Jason Blair, who from all reports did a fantastic job.

SEGA has released several trailers for the game. Most of them concentrate on the game’s amazing technical achievements. Here’s one of the early ones, which teases the viewer with a bit of the story.