Speaking for Star Trek: Tim Russ!

Yesterday, I arc-welded the final rivet into the great spaceship of fun that is Star Wars vs. Star Trek. I lined up a writer for the Star Trek foreword for the book: Tim Russ!

Most Star Trek fans remember Tim as Tuvok, the Vulcan chief of security on Star Trek: Voyager, but he actually played a number of Star Trek roles. He was a mercenary on an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, a Klingon on an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and a Starfleet lieutenant on the Enterprise-B in Star Trek Generations. Because of that, he’s tied with five other actors for appearing in the highest number of Star Trek seasons (10), and he’s shared screen time with six different Starfleet captains, more than any other actor.

Tim was a Trekkie before he became a Trek actor, and he’s continued on with that after the end of the shows. He even directed and starred in the most ambitious Star Trek fan film to date: Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.

Tim devotes a lot of his time to directing and singing these days, but he’s also acted in a stunning number of shows, including ER, CSI, Without a Trace, General Hospital, and even Hannah Montana. He also appeared in Live Free or Die Hard and voiced a character for Dragon Age: Origins. Most recently, he’s had recurring roles as Frank the doorman on Samantha Who? and (the role my kids know him for) Principal Franklin on iCarly.

So, it’s Tuvok vs. Boba Fett. Who’d win?