Cybermage Gives Amortals 5 Stars

I know, it’s looking like all Amortals all the time on my website, but what can I say? The book just hit the US, and I’m more than a bit thrilled about it. I’m truly grateful for the reception it’s getting.

To those of you who enjoyed the book and take time to tell others about it — whether in person or online via Twitter, Amazon, Good Reads, or your own site — THANK YOU! That’s the best kind of support any author could ask for.

Case in point: Over at Cybermage, Ove Jansson gives Amortals a fantastic review, which he cross-posted on Good Reads and Amazon, making sure the most possible people can read it. He gives the book five stars and calls it:

[A] fast paced and action packed story that touches on murder cults, old enemies, love, assassination attempts, cover-ups, hidden agendas and a bigger picture… [I] highly recommend it both to thrill seeking and cerebral readers of science fiction.

That’s a great spread of reader appeal. Thanks, Ove!