SFRevu Loves Amortals

Over at, Drew Bittner gives Amortals a rave review. He writes:

Forbeck constructs a near-future Washington DC that seems eerily plausible (to this local, anyway), creating a culture where amortality is widespread and the “life is cheap” ethos is taken to some unusual extremes… But Forbeck’s real genius here is keeping the big and obvious aspect of this biotech miracle [of amortality] front and center, while building a sucker punch in the background.

Forbeck has created an exciting, brilliantly executed novel of action, intrigue and super-science colliding on the banks of the Potomac. It works on every level and is truly a fantastic addition to the realm of cyberpunk thrillers.

Highly recommended.

Those with long memories may recall that Drew co-designed the WildStorms collectible card game with me for Jim Lee (now co-publisher of DC Comics), way back in the early ’90s when Drew worked as an editor for WildStorm. From that experience, I can tell you that Drew’s never been shy of pointing out where my work could use improvements, which is exactly what made him so valuable as a co-designer. That’s makes this review even sweeter. Thanks, Drew!