Amortals in America Today

Today, my first original novel, Amortals, hits shelves in bookstores all the way across America. That includes both big-box and indie stores in the USA and Canada as well as all your favorite internet shops. This is, I believe, my best work to date. If you’ve ever enjoyed anything I’ve written, do both of us a favor and hunt it down and read it.

Amortals is the story of Ronan Dooley, top Secret Service agent and—at nearly 200 years old—the world’s oldest man. After giving his life for his country and being restored into a clone body several times, Ronan is brutally murdered and must now hunt down his killer. Of course, it all spirals out of control from there.

The book has garnered some excellent reviews. The Guardian called it Chandler by way of Blade Runner, with the pace of an express train.” gave it five stars and made it the book of the month upon its UK release in November. Fantasy Literature called it “one helluva sci-fi thriller.”

In addition to all that, Amortals has been blurbed by a number of fantastic people, including Billy Campbell, John Rogers, Jim Lee, Jordan Weisman, Dan Abnett, Mike Stackpole, Ben Templesmith, Richard Dansky, Monte Cook, Richard Knaak, and Jack Emmert.

So, if you buy one more book before the end of this year, make it Amortals. (If you buy lots of books before then, be sure to check out Zoo City from Lauren Beukes, Walking the Tree from Kaaron Warren, and Pretty Little Dead Things by Gary McMahon, all from Angry Robot too, plus J. Robert King’s Edge of Destiny, the second Guild Wars book. All of these released today too, which makes for a year-end bonanza of reading goodness.)

If you’ve already enjoyed Amortals, please do me just one more favor and tell people how much you enjoyed it, either in person or online. A kind review from good folks like you goes a long way. Thanks!