Star Wars vs. Star Trek Cover

If it seems like it’s been quiet around here lately, that’s because I spent the last couple weeks crunching through to the end of Star Wars vs. Star Trek, a new nonfiction book I’m writing for Adams Media. Although Adams doesn’t have it up on its own site yet, Amazon already has information on the book, including a cover shot.

According to that page, the book is due on shelves on May 18, which is the blink of an eye in the publishing industry. I have no idea if that’s a final or preliminary cover, but that’s what’s up there now, and it looks pretty snazzy. I’m already starting to gear up for the hate mail readers are sure to toss my way. With such a contentious issue, there’s really no way to make everyone happy. Despite that, I had a ball working on it, and I hope you enjoy reading it when it comes out.