Amortals in SciFi Now

According to my publisher pals at Angry Robot, SciFi Now covered Amortals in its latest issue, calling it “A nightmarish vision of a future without death.” I’m guessing that the piece showed up in issue #48, although since I’m in the US and SciFi Now is a UK publication, I don’t have a copy at hand. However, the Angry Robots were kind enough to toss up a kind quote from the review:

Forbeck’s ability to create a world is undisputed. His Washington DC of two centuries hence is a gritty and dark place. A few of his observations… are really quite incisive, and his main protagonist, Dooley, is instantly likeable as the prototypical cyberpunk antihero.

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  1. Loved the book (as you know), and I know antiheroes are cool in cyberpunk, but Dooley is hardly an antihero. “Prototypical cyberpunk bad-ass”, maybe, but bad-assery alone doesn’t make an antihero.

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