New Amortals Reviews

A few new reviews for Amortals cropped up over the long holiday weekend. In the firstEddy Webb of White Wolf/CCP fame enjoyed the book and contrasted it to Mike Stackpole‘s In Hero Years… I’m Dead, which I happen to be reading at the moment too. Eddy writes:

Matt is at the top of his game in creating a fun and engaging story. If you like action thrillers, this is a good book to pick up.

Over at, the Kindle edition has two reviews. The first is from Fantasy Literature, which gave the book four stars and calls it “One helluva sci-fi thriller.”

The second comes from Hunter Johnson, another gaming industry guy, who gives the book five stars and writes:

I thought I had figured out the Big Reveal by the end of chapter two. I was right and wrong — I had figured out one of the surprises, but it was only the first reveal — a lowly lackey far below the peak of this pyramid of reveals. Matt Forbeck’s “Amortals” takes off running, makes a few detours, and packs a lot of thoughtful socio-economic science fiction in around the action-movie-style murder mystery.