The Leverage RPG is Live

The Leverage Roleplaying Game just released today as a PDF! You can pick it up immediately through, or you can wait to get your hands on the hardcover when it comes back from the printer, likely in late November/early December. If you want both, order it directly from Margaret Weis Productions or one of its Preferred Retailers. You get the PDF within 24 hours and the hardcover shipped out to you when it arrives.

I wrote a bit under two chapters of this book, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Not only am I a huge fan of the show, but Cam Banks, Margaret Weis, and Christi Cardenas at MWP were a joy to work with. A top-flight list of co-writers and designers made the entire project shine. They included Rob Donoghue, Clark Valentine, Tiara Lynn Agresta, Stephanie Ford, Laura Anne Gilman, Fred Hicks, and Ryan Macklin.

Now, I just gotta figure out when I can play it. Let’s go steal us some time for a game.