Amortals Launches Today!

My latest book, Amortals, hits shelves in the UK and Australia today, and it’s also been released worldwide as an ebook! You can now purchase it at stores throughout the UK and Australia, including Amazon UK, and you should be able to get it anywhere you are for the Kindle (US) and the Nook. You can also pick up the ebook directly through my publisher, Angry Robot. If you’re in the US or Canada, the print edition is coming soon, on December 28!

Amortals is an action-packed science-fiction thriller in which the world’s oldest man — Secret Service Agent Ronan Dooley — wakes up in his latest clone body to discover that he’s been brutally murdered, and a recording of his killing has become a huge hit on the internet. Worse yet, because he hadn’t bothered to check in for a backup for a while, he can’t remember anything that he did for the past three months — and now he must hunt down his killer and bring him to justice.

Lots of people have already read and loved the book. Check out Amortal‘s reviews and blurbs page for ringing endorsements from Jim LeeJohn RogersJordan WeismanDan AbnettMike StackpoleBen TemplesmithMonte CookRichard DanskyJack Emmert, and Richard Knaak, plus a number of excellent and kind reviewers.

In my wholly biased opinion, this is the best thing I’ve ever written. Give it a try, and I hope you’ll agree. Be sure to read the free 50-page sample or listen to me read the first chapter. If you like it, please go buy it, and then tell your friends and neighbors! Thanks for your support!