Amortals for Free at World Fantasy Convention

I’m heading out to the World Fantasy Convention in the morning. While I’m there, anyone at the show who asks me about Amortals gets a free copy of the ebook edition, days before it’s available to the rest the world. Just stop me and say hi, and it’s all yours, courtesy of my fine publishers at Angry Robot.

The easiest places to find me will be at my two scheduled events:

Friday, October 29, 8 PM: Mass autograph signing. Come chat with me in between getting autographs from the giants in the industry!

Saturday, October 30, 3:30 PM: Author reading. I’ll have something from Amortals and maybe Vegas Knights to share.

Otherwise, just track me down in the hall, the Big Bar on 2, or anywhere else in the area. Or you can ping me on Twitter if you want to find me to say hi. I hope to see you there!