My Next Trilogy: Dust

This summer, I signed on to write a trilogy of novels based on Dust, a world created by my longtime friend Paolo Parente. I first worked with Paolo on the Mutant Chronicles RPG way back in the early ’90s, and later when I served as the president of Pinnacle, we regularly hired him to produce some amazing artwork for us. He always creates incredible imagery: dangerous, sexy, and action packed.

More recently, Paolo came up with Dust, a world in which alien technology discovered in 1938 allows the various warring factions of World War II to build and deploy walking tanks and other amazing weaponry. It’s just as much wild, crazy fun as it sounds.

Dust has already seen life as an Image comic book, a series of gorgeous models, and a strategy board game from Fantasy Flight. Fantasy Flight also plans to produce a tactical board game later this fall.

Next year should see the first of the Dust novels released, with the other two following shortly after. I’m diving into the first volume right now, an approved outline in hand and bullets zipping past my head. Geronimo!

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  1. Definitely looking forward to this. Dust has some amazing imagery but the writing in the comics have so far been something of a letdown. I can’t wait to see what you do with the setting.

  2. Sounds very cool! I caught the Image mini-series, and thought the world and the core concepts sounded interesting. Looking forward to the books!

    1. Thanks, Mike! There’s a lot more to the world than we’ve seen in the comics and even the games. I’ve had a chance to pick Paolo’s brain about a lot of this, and I’m looking forward to helping expose some more of the iceberg.

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