Read and Play for Pakistan

The fine folks over at have launched another charity drive, much like the Gamers for Haiti event they ran back in January. This time around, they’re aiming to help the victims of the recent floods in Pakistan by gathering donations for Doctors Without Borders.

They’re running two concurrent drives, actually. For the RPG side, if you chip in $25, you receive a bundle of game PDFs that total up to being worth over $700. If you prefer comics instead, chip in $10, and you receive over $100 worth of comic-book PDFs.

Both packages have some excellent bits in them. I’m proud to see, for instance, that Pinnacle tossed my Deadlands: One Shot comic in the comic book mix. Even if you don’t like everything in the bundle, you’re sure to enjoy some of it. You’re bound to get far more than your money’s worth — and it’s all going to a great cause either way.