Stolze’s Zombie Story Kickstarter

The title pretty much says it all, but if that doesn’t make sense to you, head over to Greg Stolze‘s Kickstarter page for his new fiction project “Zombis Blanc.”

As Greg says:

It’s a 4,000 word piece that is, to the best of my ability, thrill-packed, gore-soaked, medically accurate and historically plausible. It’s set in 1791’s violent slave revolution, the one that eventually makes Haiti into a free nation. It focuses on a pair of despicable Europeans. If anyone deserves a nightmarish pursuit by an angry voudoun boccor, it’s these guys. They get it. You get to watch it.

You might even get to hear it. Donors of $2.00 or more get a podcast, and if you go as far as pledging $15, you get a charming skull woodcut print. That’s alongside a story release under a Creative Commons Noncommercial/Attribution/Share Alike license. Assuming, of course, that the story hits its goal.

If you like zombie tales, go ahead and chip in a buck or two or more, so that Greg will release his story into the wilds of the Internet for us all to enjoy.