Marvel Super Hero Squad Online CCG at PAX

I won’t be at PAX, but a product I worked on will debut there this weekend: the Marvel Super Hero Squad Online CCG. The brilliant people at Lone Shark Games (Mike Selinker, Teeuwynn Woodruff, and James Ernest) and the Amazing Society (Devin Low, et al) did all the heavy lifting on this one, but they brought me in — along with Monte Cook and Andy Collins — to help with writing a bunch of text on the cards.

If you get out to PAX, keep your eye out (possibly near the Gazillion booth) for sample decks and promo cards and sign up to join the game’s first-ever tournament. That’s right. This is an actual cardstock game designed to go along with the online MMO game before the video game version even launches.

If you’re near Madison, Wisconsin, this weekend instead, stop by and hang out with me at Geek.Kon. I won’t have any cards, but we’ll find some fun.