Angry Robot Unleashed!

Today, Angry Robot finally made its long-awaited debut in North America with honest-to-dead-tree books available from the Great White North to the Rio Grande. The first six titles now available in these parts are:

Not so coincidentally, these books are all available as e-books today too. You can get them through most of the regular suspects, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. In some cases, they’re still propagating throughout particular systems, so if you can’t quite find it where you want it, just be patient a little while longer. If you can’t manage that, head over to the screaming-new Angry Robot Store where you can pick up a DRM-free copy of any of their e-books directly from them.

I’ve already read a couple of the titles, and they are excellent, each in their own unique way. Angry Robot will publish my first two original novels — Amortals and Vegas Knights — this winter, and I’m proud to know they’ll be in such fantastic company.