Die Geister von Ascalon Available Now

The German version of Guild Wars: Ghosts of AscalonGuild Wars: Die Geister von Ascalon — officially hit stores yesterday in Germany. It’s published by Panini, a publisher I know best from its long relationship with Marvel Comics in Italy and through my friend Marco Lupoi. If you speak German or can fake it well enough, you can download and read the first three chapters for free.

Big thanks go out to translator Cora Hartwig, as it can’t be easy to translate a fantasy novel like this. My favorite part of the free sample is the translation of my dedication:

Von Matt: Wie immer gebührt der größte Dank meiner Frau Ann und meinen Kindern Marty, Pat, Nick, Ken und Helen. Ohne ihre Liebe, Unterstützung und ihr Verständnis kann ich gar nichts tun.

It just tickles me to see “Frau Ann” and “meinen Kindern Marty, Pat, Nick, Ken und Helen.”