Give My Old Games Good Homes

Now that I’m done running around for the summer, my son Marty has stepped up to give me a hand with clearing out my closets and attic, which are clogged with old games, books, and more that haven’t seen enough love over the past few years. He’s putting them up on eBay for me, one at a time.

Part of the impetus for this is that a small disaster struck while I was at Gen Con. The quad boys’ bedroom sits directly over my office, and their toilet overflowed. The water rained down into my office and wrecked the ceiling and the carpet below, along with a set of paneled doors in between. It also took out a few comics and games in the closet behind those doors.

Fortunately, I had my laptop with me at Gen Con, besides which I always keep a continuous backup of all my data both onsite and off (I use BackBlaze for the latter). We’re insured, and that’s covering everything, less the deductible. The real drag is not being able to use my office much until the work is complete.

Getting forced out of my office made me want to clear out more room in the house. We’re in a good-sized place, but with seven of us it sometimes feel packed to the gills. The best fix for such clutter is to get rid of things we’re not using. To that end, we’re having a yard sale on August 28 to clear out the kids’ old toys, bikes, clothes, and so on. My extra games, comics, books, and such, though, are headed for eBay.

I set up a widget to show off what Marty’s posted there. If you have requests for certain things I might have, let me know and I’ll see if I have any to spare. And if you can, give my old games a good home.