Listen In On Gen Con

During all my running around at Gen Con, I wound up being recorded for three different podcasts. In the first, Cam Banks and I chatted with Ryan Macklin and Kevin Weiser for This Just In … From Gen Con! We ranged over a lot of topics, including the Smallville RPG and the Diana Jones Award. It was 11 AM on Gen Con Thursday, so we were all still relatively fresh.

Next, Jason Pintre recorded “The Intersection of Games and Stories,” a seminar that Jeff Tidball, Stan!, and I ran at 11 AM on Gen Con Saturday. Jason posted it on his Genesis of Legend Publishing site, along with a handful of others he enjoyed.

Finally, while Marty and I wandered around the exhibit hall on Gen Con Sunday, Don Dehm of Pulp Gamer dragged us into an all-star podcast he was recording with Mike Selinker, James Ernest, and Marcelo Figueroa. Guido TeuberLisa StevensPete Fenlon, and Jean Vanaise popped through too, and Marty even commented on how much fun he was having.

For extra points, listen to all three in a row and hear how my voice deteriorates as the convention rolls along.