Back from Gen Con!

I had a wonderful time at Gen Con this year, packing in as much fun, friends, and games as I could into the five days I spent at “the four best days in gaming.” It started out with the Diana Jones Award party on Wednesday night and wrapped up with a race through the exhibit hall with my son Marty as we tried to jam in as many demos as we could. The many, wonderful, and varied¬†moments between those two posts are still pinging about in my brain.

I hope to have time to do a proper con report in the near future, but while I was gone the toilet in the bathroom over my den overflowed. We have workers in assessing the damage and drying everything out, a process that’s already involved removing about half the ceiling and carpet in the room and raising the blood pressure of our insurance adjuster. Nothing irreplaceable was damaged, and I had my laptop with me on the road, so all my work and data is safe (and I have both automatic onsite and offsite backups set anyhow). Now it’s just a matter of cleanup and repair and figuring out where I can set up shop until it’s all done.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone I met and hung out with at the show, either in seminars or games, meals or bars. You were all wonderful and made my year. I can’t wait to get back to Gen Con again.