Off to Gen Con!

I leave for Gen Con — a.k.a. Gamer Christmas in August — tomorrow morning, ready to take Indy by storm. If you’re going to be there too, be sure to hunt me down and say hi and share some dice or drinks.

I’ve added a couple new details to my schedule. I’m joining Cam Banks for Ryan Macklin’s podcast “This Just In… from Gen Con!” in the Caucus Room at the Westin at 11 on Thursday morning.

I should also be at the Catalyst Games booth from 4–5 on Saturday. I’m told they’ll have actual hard copies of Spells & Chrome for the rest of the authors and me to sign.

Plus I hope to be at the mass signing for Gameplaywright’s The Bones at the Indie Press Revolution booth. That’s from 1-2 on Sunday.

My full schedule is after the break. Hope you can join me there!

Thursday, August 5

Friday, August 6

Saturday, August 7

Sunday, August 8