Deadlands: One Shot — Again

The fine folks at Drive Thru Comics have just released the PDF version of Deadlands: One Shot. This was my first published work in comics, and it premiered way back in 1999. I wrote the book and laid out and lettered the book myself. Kevin Sharpe and Richard Pollard provided the pencils, Chris Dreier and Jason Baumgartner worked on the inks, and Matt Tice and Chris Impink tackled the colors. I was president of Pinnacle Entertainment Group at the time, and we published it through Image Comics.

The book’s been out of print forever, but that all happened long before the latest e-book revolution. Now you can download and read it in glorious full color for only $2.99. That less than half what it cost in game and comic shops when it debuted 11 years ago. As far as I know, it’s the only Deadlands comic available to date. If you like your Westerns a little weird — or you just appreciate a beautiful book with a ripping yarn — be sure to check it out.