Amortals and Vegas Knights Dates

The downside of Angry Robot moving from HarperCollins to Osprey is that they won’t be releasing any books for a few months during the transition. This includes both Amortals and Vegas Knights, which were slated for shelves in the UK this spring and the US this summer. The new schedule for the UK looks like this:

Amortals: November 2010

Vegas Knights: March 2011

The US schedule isn’t as firm quite yet, but the books should be out shortly after their respective debuts in the UK. The books will be distributed in the US through Random House, so they should be available just about everywhere.

The upside is that this gives me a bit more time to polish the books so they’ll be bright and shiny for your reading pleasure. As Troy Denning has often told me, an editor’s scorn for a late book lasts only a little bit, while a bad book sits on the shelf with your name on it forever, so I’m going to make the most of that.