Full Ghosts of Ascalon Cover

Earlier today, I spotted the full cover for Ghosts of Ascalon on the official Guild Wars 2 wiki. Speaking of which, if you’re at all interested in learning more about the upcoming Guild Wars 2 MMO, that wiki is a great place to find a solid collection of the bits that have been announced so far. The entry on the novel, for instance, is filled with good stuff.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the newly launched Guild Wars 2 blog. The game’s actual designers are peeling back all sorts of veils there with every entry.

Anyhow, the cover for the novel looks fantastic, and the image I found includes not only the front cover but the spine and back cover, along with all the teaser text too. I cannot wait to see this thing on shelves and to hold an actual copy in my hands.

Soon. Soon.