Quiet Storytellers

I just posted “Quiet, Too Quiet,” my latest piece for Storytellers Unplugged. In it, I talk about why I haven’t been posting too much over there lately, which is the same reason you might see some large gaps in time around here every now and then too. Check it out, and try to be as understanding as you can.

Then maybe I’ll write a con report on C2E2. Short Version: I had a great time. Long Version? Coming soon, I hope.

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    1. @mforbeck Know the feeling of not posting to my blog often enough. Wish I had your excuse though. Would be nice to be that busy. Best.

      1. @Kevinpsb00 I didn’t mention that much of it came from wrangling kids and dealing with various viruses, as that would have been whining.

        1. @mforbeck Felt like I’ve been whining all day in Twitter but that was my headache. Been great networking with people. Job search continues.

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