New Makeshift Prodigy Album Out

Makeshift Prodigy — the band that played a fantastic set at the Brave New World: Revolution teaser trailer debut at last year’s Gen Con — released its second album today: Mathematica. You can listen to the whole album for free online, or you can buy a CD for $5. If you’d rather download it, it’s available in a stunning variety of music-file formats (including MP3, of course), and you can pay whatever you like for it, down to a bare minimum of $4.99.

The album comes with a new version of “Revolution,” which was a big part of the Gen Con show. The band played a number of the other songs at the show which make their recorded debut on Mathematica too.

Anyhow, they’re a great band, and Mathematica is going to be my soundtrack while I polish off the latest draft of the screenplay for Brave New World: Revolution. Check ’em out.