Conduit 2 Coming This Fall

This week, Sega spilled the news that my friends at High Voltage Software plan to release Conduit 2 — a sequel to last year’s The Conduit, an FPS for the Wii — this fall. I helped develop the story for this game about a year back, before the original game debuted, and I’m thrilled that it’s finally been announced. Just wait until you see what the team has in store for you. The original game only scratched the surface.

Sega’s running a free contest for the game right now, and entrants have a chance to win a spot on a Wanted poster in the game, plus some other cool prizes. It ends on May 13, so you still have some time to drop your name in the hat.

I also learned that the game I helped name last year — Tournament of Legends — is coming out from High Voltage and Sega on July 6, 2010. I had nothing to do with the game other than pitching in on that monicker, but I’m proud to see it out there too.

I got that name-this-game gig the same week I picked up a job writing a bunch of material for the upcoming Puppy Tweets toy from Mattel. I have a fun, strange job, but shifting back and forth among so many cool projects keeps me fresh and excited about them all.