The 100 Best Games Breakdowns

Family Games: The 100 Best should be on shelves Real Soon Now, I’m told. To hold you over for this smorgasbord of essays, check out Alan De Smet’s stunning and thorough breakdowns of both this book and its predecessor, Hobby Games: The 100 Best. Alan goes over the books in terms of writers, designers, and publishers to see who’s inspired the most love.

The graph that shows the most popular publishers is pretty cool. It’s not surprising to see Milton Bradley in the lead, tied with Rio Grande Games at 17 games. If you add up all the companies that come under the Hasbro umbrella these days, though, the total comes up to something around 56 entries instead. The company really is a gaming juggernaut.

The stunning graph that Alan came up with, connecting writers and designers by the games they loved or created, is all too cool.