Blurbs: Jordan Weisman

I’ve known Jordan Weisman for well over 20 years, and watching him work has been a real ride. He’s a serial entrepreneur, ricocheting his way from one great idea to another. He started out as one of the founders of FASA, creators of Battletech and Shadowrun, after which he founded FASA Interactive, which he later sold to Microsoft. After working with Microsoft for a few years, he founded WizKids, creators of HeroClix and Mage Knight, the first collectible, pre-painted miniatures game. I created their first collectible card game, High Stakes Drifter.

During that time, he also headed up the development of the Beast, the first commercial alternative reality game (ARG), designed to promote Steven Spielberg’s A.I. (I worked on that game for him with Pete Fenlon‘s post-ICE crew.) This later became the foundation for 42 Entertainment, a company he founded to develop almost every other major ARG you’ve probably heard of, promoting things like Halo 2, The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Nine Inch Nails. His latest ventures include Nanovor from Smith & Tinker and Arcane Legions from Wells Expeditions, as well as co-writing a couple series of ARG-style novels: the Cathy’s Book series (with Sean Stewart) and the Personal Effects series (with J.C. Hutchins).

So, Jordan, he likes to make things. He’s like a mad scientist without any of the mad — a happy scientist of fun. Mix that with his sharp business acumen, and you can only marvel out how often his amazing plans actually work. To top it all off, he’s a fantastic family man. Watching him and his wife Dawne raise their sons from cradle to college has been stunning fun. He’s also a great friend, which is how I was able to get him to carve out enough time to read Amortals and write this blurb about it:

Amortals starts with a bullet to the head and gets more dangerous from there. Matt Forbeck has constructed a disturbingly real future and placed at the center of it a fascinating character, a man destined to witness his own death time after time all in the service of his country.”

—  Jordan Weisman