Blurbs: Richard Knaak

The first time I met Richard Knaak was many years ago at one Gen Con or another. They tend to blur together over the years into one long convention that spans months in your sleep-deprived mind. He was a Dragonlance author back then, one of the best, although he’s added several feathers to his cap since. He’s written several novels for Warcraft and Diablo — burnishing his reputation as one of the finest tie-in fantasy novelists around — plus a long list of others. His latest World of Warcraft novel, Stormrage, just released this month and rocketed straight up USA Today‘s bestsellers’ list.

I had the pleasure of editing three novels Richard wrote for the Age of Conan series published by Ace. Besides the excellent writing, the best part about each book was its ending. Every one of them made me want to stand up and cheer the hero while also making me wonder what new adventures life might have in store for him. As both a writer and an editor, I can tell you that’s a damned hard thing to do, but Richard made it seem easy and natural, even when the trilogy came to a thundering end.

Ever the professional, he agreed to read Amortals and give me a blurb. He wrote:

“With Amortals, Matt Forbeck takes the hard-boiled detective story and the SF genre and forges a fascinating, gritty saga like none other!”

— Richard Knaak