Blurbs: Monte Cook

The next blurb for Amortals came from my longtime friend Monte Cook. He’s probably best known for his work as one of the co-designers of Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, but his career has spanned much more than that. He started out in the gaming industry back in 1988, working for Iron Crown Enterprises. In 1990, he became the Hero System/Champions line developer and edited the first book I ever wrote entirely on my own: Western Hero. Even back then, it was clear that Monte knew what he was doing. He treated me well and always encouraged me to push harder and give the job my best.

Monte later moved on to TSR, the original publishers of Dungeons & Dragons, where he worked on projects like Planescape, Dark Matter, and The Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. When Wizards of the Coast bought TSR, he moved out to Seattle and became part of the core team for 3rd Edition. He and his wife Sue left Wizards in 2001 to launch Malhavoc Press, which published standouts like Ptolus and Arcana Evolved. A few years ago, he and Sue moved back to Wisconsin, and Monte joined my writers’ group, the Alliterates, which means I get the bonus of seeing him a lot more often. Since then, he’s also written the excellent The Skeptic’s Guide to Conspiracies and launched the ambitious and entertaining

About Amortals, Monte said:

“With Amortals, Matt’s whipped up an action-packed thrill-ride with the occasional sucker punch to the brain you won’t see coming.”

— Monte Cook

For some reason, the book seems to inspire blurbs with boxing metaphors. That can only be a good thing.