Spiffed-Up Site

Amortals is due out in the UK on April 1, 2010, not even two weeks away. With that and Vegas Knights and Guild Wars 2: Ghosts of Ascalon coming down the pike this summer, I thought it was time to give the website a new look with a bit more spit and polish. I don’t normally pimp things too hard here, but I think it’s time to step that up for a little while.

Check out the sidebars. If you click on a sidebar’s header, it collapses. Also, you can drag and drop the bits in each sidebar to rearrange them as you like. Pretty slick stuff, all part of the Suffusion theme I’m using.

What do you think? Do you like the tabbed sidebar with all the images in it, or do you prefer the long sidebars I had before? And does the revolving featured-pages bit work for you, or is it too distracting. As with every good website, Forbeck.com is a constantly evolving work in progress.