Tools I Use: Scrivener

One of my favorite programs over the past few years is the Mac-only writing program Scrivener. If you’re doing any kind of creative writing, give it a try. I raved about it on my Twitter feed a couple weeks back, and David Johnson — the sales and marketing man and chief tea-maker for the program’s publisher, Literature & Latte — asked if I’d be willing to provide a testimonial for it. Once I finished up Vegas Knights, I did just that, joining a host of authors including Lou AndersTobias Buckell, Maureen JohnsonAntony Johnston, and Charles Stross on Scrivener’s testimonials page.

Here’s what I had to say:

Scrivener is brilliant, one of the best reasons to own a Mac. I’ve written comic books, screenplays, and novels in it, and it’s been invaluable in each format. The corkboard display makes breaking down a plot a breeze, and it helps keep me on track throughout the entire project.

Scrivener is that perfect sort of program. It’s intuitive enough that you can just jump in and use it, but it’s also wildly versatile and features plenty of power under the hood should you care to tinker with it. I wrote thirteen published novels in Word, and after writing my latest two in Scrivener, there’s no way I’m going back!