The Leverage RPG

If you’ve been reading my Twitter feed, you probably know that I’m a huge fan of the TV show Leverage. The acting is sharp, the stories are great, and it looks fantastic. I’ve known the series’ co-creator, John Rogers, for a few years, and the love he has for Leverage shows through in every episode. My son Marty has started watching the show with me this year, and we’re having a ball with it.

When I spotted that Margaret Weis Productions has a Leverage RPG in the works, I shot them a note about how much I loved the idea. They kindly offered me the chance to lend a hand with it, and I graciously accepted.

(This is the first meta-con involved with the game. Call it “The Writing Job.” Imagine Nate Ford saying, “Let’s go steal us an RPG.” The game is due out this summer, which means scrambling to fit it in, but that fits perfectly with the nature of the show, so I’m game — so to speak.)