Twitter Goes to the Dogs

I get to work on all sorts of cool things, but I often have to sit on that news for months—sometimes forever. Last week, I mentioned the Yu-Gi-Oh 5DS Figure Reader that I designed for Playmates Toys. Today, in news from the New York Toy Fair, I see that Mattel has announced another project I worked on: Puppy Tweets.

This is a dog tag that fastens to your dog’s collar and then transmits data via WiFi to your home computer, which tweets updates about what your pet is up to. It’s hilarious. As the LA Times article says, this device isn’t a mind reader. It’s a high-tech toy used for pure fun. I didn’t come up with the idea—I just wrote a bunch of the tweets soon to be plastered all over the Twitterverse—but I can’t wait to see it in action.